I raised this point with the editor four months ago and was, apparently ignored, so let's find out just how extensive are the errors in the Buyer's Guide in the magazine.

I've noticed that,

In 'Compacts 150 - 200' the Panasonic FS35 rates a score of 384%. (Super-Camera?)

In 'Lenses Nikon' the summaries and designations of the two versions of the Nikkor 18 -55mm are in conflict (the designation 'VR' is quoted for thr non-VR lens and vice-versa).

I feel confident that there are more errors but with my limited knowledge and experience am ill-equipped to find them all.

In the interests of assisting the proof readers (if such creatures exist at WDC) let's contribute the errors we have detected to improve and maintain this potentially useful reference material.