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    Just checked, looking at about 6.5 gig worth of 500gig should be plenty lol

    Sounds stupid but I assume, as with all these things, there is always a risk of the external hard drive failing?

    In an ideal world I guess I should do external back up and also upload onto Flickr...belt and braces.

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    Free use of Flickr is quite limited, approx 50 images depending upon size, then Pro membership kicks in at about 20.00 for the year..

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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidP1982 View Post

    Just some more food for thought, I've often considered buying a wad of CD's and putting each photo set onto a CD, labeling CD's then filing them away. Another option??

    if you opt to use CDs, you need to back them up every now and then. They tend to get worn out and scratched, possibly risking inaccessibility to your saved photos later on.

    I would say a Flickr storage account (or a Dropbox account) would be worth trying. At least you will have easy access to them when you need to upload some pics online.

    I am leaning more towards the external hard drive solution. As long as you have it secured from antivirus, you would not have much of a problem with it as your storage device.

    Click here for the ttp://


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