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    Smile Canon 1000D Battery Grip


    I am looking at buying a battery grip for my Canon EOS 1000D and was wondering two things....

    Firstly what are the overall dimensions of the camera body with the grip attached?
    Secondly, how long do the six AA batteries last compared to the standard Lithium Ion battery?

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    hi D

    right the size is not that much bigger but having a grip does really make a difference i have a EOS 500D,550D & 60D all with grips on them i would not do with out them D

    As for power your better off getting another battery then using AA batteries any time ive used AA's if i was out of power with the main ones as they AA's dont last long at all
    how i do it and have since i brought my first EOS was buy 2 new Lithium Ion battery's so that your not using one old one and a new one with the grip that way you now when they need replacing better then trying to work out which one is still any good

    hope this is some help to you D

    all the best

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    I have a battery grip for my 550d/t2i, i got a third party from amazon for 32 it contained the grip 2 third party batteries lithium and a remoted release. there seems to be nothing wrong with the batteries as i get about 550 shots out of them it will run on just one battery too and it will also take AA ones good deal.

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    Thanks very much for the help!
    I appreciate it.

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    I got a battery grip for my canon 50d from e-bay it was a chinese clone of the canon item. and cost considerably less, controls where identical the only thing it didn't have was a canon badge. two camera batteries last much much longer than one in the camera as it uses them at the same time. up to about 300 to 500 pics depending on size with two batteries. the number of shotws u get when putting in batteries depends on what u use. i expect with duracell no rechargable not many. if u use a high power rechagable many more. i use this as an emergancy messure, having three batteries always with me. batteries can be got quite cheaply on e-bay second hand or new clone types work ok but are much cheaper hope this helps


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