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    Default Help buying me first dslr

    I have got a Sony nex 3 twin lens had for nearly 2 years I am wanting to progress up to dslr mostly taking pics of my son and when we go out Been looking around playing with them in shops but still don't no what's best to get I have 700 budget was told cannon 600d or Nikon d5100 but also looking at the Sony slt 57 or65 but still non the wiser so just like people's views on them or any other cameras thanks for reading this Gary

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    hi they are all fine cameras, i could easily say get the canon as i shoot canon but in the end its down to you. you have already tried them so you know how they feel and thats a good starting point, if it feels right then it probably is. next you are going to buy into a system so check that system suits your needs, canon and nikon have the largest selection of lenses and of third party too.
    I will add that 550d is worth a look at too and nikon has announced the d3200. so a couple more to look at


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