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    Default Just starting, Do i get a 600d or a 400d from EBay

    Hi guys hope you are all well, i'm just starting out and am currently doing the research into what camera to get but before i dive in, if you guys could do it again would you have got the latest model for eample 600d or started with an older model for example the 400d? (Oh yeah im talking beginners models!) Going from a point and shoot to a DSLR is a big jump and i'm sure the 400d even though it is a bit older would out perform most if not all point and shoot of today (Correct me if i am wrong).

    I am on kind of a tight budget but at the end of the day i would like to get great quality pictures of my children for them to look back on when they are older.

    It would be great if any of you reading this could help me out and even suggest other cameras that i could start with, i'm not just focused on canon as i know there are other makes out there!!!

    I have looked at reviews but i like to hear from the users as a lot of the time the latest models are pushed out in reviews and made to sound a lot better than previous models, only the users know how much better they really are.

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    hi and welcome the 400d is old so the chances of getting a new one is limited, if you get a 600d then thats the latest model. you could save some money and get a 550d it depends what you want you want to use it for and what features you need.
    as for getting it from ebay its not a route i would go down as you dont know where it is coming from and if its new then what warranty it will have so not worth the money you will save. good luck

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    Default Hi

    If you are on a tight budget its best to go for a second hand SLR, I would caution you against buying from eBay as you have no way of inspecting the goods until after you have paid for them. Its better off to visit a store that sells second hand gear as such stores offer a 6 month warranty and you can physically inspect the camera for blemishes or wear and tear before paying for it. The advantage of also going to a store is that you can "feel " the camera in your hand - this is crucial as some people like smaller SLR`s while others prefer larger models.

    Since you said you only want to take pictures for posterity I would guess the 400D would be good enough for the job and it would certainly be a lot cheaper , . If you are prepared to consider cameras from other makers you can get some good bargains for example I was looking through an issue of WDC from a few months back when they had a feature on getting cameras at bargain prices and they mentioned a store the Nikon D60 was being sold second hand for less than 200 !
    Whatever choice you make remember DSLR`s in general are capable superb images so an older model doesnt necessarily mean it will give less quality images than a recent model

    Good Luck

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    hi Ski

    we all find it hard moving from point n shoot to DSLR camera's
    with how quick things change i would say go with a 550D or the 600D over the older 400D
    the spec of the 550D & 600D is better then the 400D so you might find your self out growing it quicker then the other 2 models

    all the best


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