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Hi all,

All these programs are great at refining your photos but I have a rule. If it take me more than 5 minutes to refine and tweak my photo then I should have taken a better shot.

The best program to use is the one that you understand the best. I use photo shop nearly every day so for me I am sticking with this as I know what it can do. Im sure there are loads of great software out there but I feel it is to understand one really well then know a little about lots of software.


It's all true what you said Luke. I was confused at first about what photo editing software to choose, which adds to the pressure of what digital camera to pick. I need a replacement after I retired my DSC H3 just this week.

Since I've heard a lot of things about Photoshop, I am going to try my hand in using it. At least I I would find a lot of reference here if I am confused about something. Thanks!

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