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    Default Photo Improvements

    Hi all,

    Haven't posted on here in a while.

    I've recently started a Flickr account, just to show off a few photos of my own I like (none that would rival yours I'm sure) - I was just after some input into how I could improve my photos in Photoshop? I think it's just knowing how to look at a photo in order to know how to improve it/how it's best viewed?

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!!


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    Default Photo Improvement

    Basically, most photographs produced by digital cameras need some tweaking. But the first thing you must do is get the composition and exposure right in the camera. OK, you can tweak the composition a bit by using the Crop tool, and the exposure can be tweaked a little in Levels.

    After that, you should not need to do much else other than a little sharpening; I use the Unsharp Mask tool, found under Filters, with settings of 75-150 Amount, 1.5 Radius and 5 Threshold. This gives me what I want most times, but by all means vary a little either way to suit your pictures.

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    Hi Martin
    Sound advice from Roy every photo I take gets sharpened.
    Can you tell us what Photoshop program you are using... Graham

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    Roy, Graham, thank you very much for your comments!!

    Roy, I do the majority of my Photoshop here in the office at work, so only have Photoshop 6.0, though I have, I think, CS2 at home.

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    Roy, I've just had a quick go at sharpening an image, using your guidance - and the difference is incredible, so thank you!

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    hi what you need to do is get a workflow. if you shoot RAW then convert with camera RAW then do any adjustments in photoshop then last thing sharpen. good luck


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