For some time now I have been frustrated at the information given in WDC when differentiating between sensors in CSCs and now compact cameras.

In the early days of Panasonic and Olympus MFT offerings their sensors were credited as Four Thirds - ie the 17.3x13mm effective - of the Olympus Four Thirds standard and as found in its DSLRs. Then the Samsung and Sony CSCs arrived, which are repeatedly credited as having "large APS-C" sensors, what exactly is 'large APS-C' anyway when you do not state the actual dimensions and there is no standard for APS-C? Now you repeatedly erroneously refer to the Panasonic and Olympus CSCs a having "Micro For Thirds" sensors; this is bad enough in standalone reviews, but in comparison reviews this seems to be a continuous attempt to misinform the reader that somehow APS-C is somehow far bigger than Four Thirds than it actually is.

Now in the April 2012 issue the Canon G1X compact is reviewed. With its almost 4:3 ratio sensor at 18.7x14mm, this sensor is only slightly larger than Four Thirds; yet it is suddenly "something close APS-C", whereas Four Thirds is somehow vastly different and is worthy of being referred to with a 'micro' prefix. Please stop this erroneous misinformation, why not just simply state the actual dimensions - ie width x height in mm - of sensor sizes in your reviews?