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    Default Art gallery photography - how to?

    Greetings Having just purchased my first DSLR camera (Canon 600D) due to numerous limitations with my compact, I wonder if someone would be kind enough to give me the basics for taking pictures at an art exhibition (which usually stipulates no flash).

    I only have the 18-55 IS lens and the 50mm 1.8 fixed. Would either of those do? And what are the best camera settings for this subject, or should I set to automatic and hope for the best? I won't be able to read and grasp the whole manual before I go so just looking for some basic guidance please

    One of the pieces is set in a darkened room, so how can I get beautiful, crisp images of that (the piece I refer to is Damien Hirst's - For the Love of God)?

    Oh and are there any tips for avoiding reflection on pieces encased in glass - of which there are quite a few?

    Thank you kindly
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