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    Hi, having used canon dslr's for the last 10 years im now considering moving over to a serious compact like the Fuji x pro 1. Whilst I like my 7d im not so keen on its size since my style of photography has changed and i need a more compact/ discreet camera but with good glass. Im not looking for any zoom capabilities and video capability is not important to me.

    Im happy to trade all my kit in and spend a good amount on an excellent quality compact and wondered what peoples thoughts are towards this and whats available on the market today.

    Initially I was thinking of sticking with Canon but their offerings in the high end compact market don't really appeal to me. Fuji's X range seem to be my best option (and I do like the X Pro 1), im not going for a Leica cause well... they are too expensive and lack some features for my use.

    Any thoughts or user experiences would be welcome.


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    We've just reviewed the X Pro 1. The full review will appear in our next issue (out 13th April) but I can tell you that it's an exceptional camera that offers image quality comparable to full frame DSLRs unprecedented for an APS- size sensor. If it fits the bill for you in terms of form factor, features etc, and you have the budget, I can't think of any reason not to buy one. The only potential fly in the ointment is the Sony NEX 7, which has 24MPs and a better EVF but its a different user experience and the E series zoom lenses are not as good as Fuji's primes.

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    thanks for the response Nigel, Ive seen a few reviews of the fuji and some have said that the Auto Focus is slow apparently not because of the actual lens so I presume its some thing todo with the inner electronics... anyway I just wondered if you noticed this? (or do I need to wait for the review to be released to find out! : )



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