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    Default Help.. My brain Hurts!!

    Hello All

    God my brain hurts, as you can propably tell I am a complete newbie, all I know is I love to take pictures mainly of wild life, places I visit, Ive been told I take a good picture, good or bad I enjoy it.

    So Ive decided to invest in a decent camera and have around 200 to spend, now Ive spent hours reading views and what to look for etc etc but ive read so many its all mashed into one, can anyone offer some advice on which digi camera would be a good buy and takes a great picture for a newbie??

    I thank you in advance, my other half thanks you and my kids thank you.... mum might now get off the bl**dy computer and actually buy a

    Maria xx

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    Thought I would just add a good zoom is important as I want to take wildlife pictures and video is not needed.

    I quite like this Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ48 Digital Camera but I really dont need the video...what do you think???

    Many thanks

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    FZ48 is definitely a good camera, fantastic leica lens on the front, would be a sound investment


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