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lol cheers mike - may i say i had the d300 a couple of years back and still now think it was a brilliant camera , stunning images with good size of camera so its not to much hassle taking out - understated power and performance made it one of my favourites ive ever owned
I have to agree with you there Jim, and as you said earlier, buying a good camera is better than buying a car because it wouldn't depreciate the same. Still I don't entirely discount the possibilities of me having a D4 one day because I've had my heart set on a full frame camera for a while and before the D4 appeared I had been thinking of the D3s. I have Nikon running through my veins and nothing could persuade me to change to another brand, I just love every single thing about my camera. I hear guys saying at times that their camera is fine, BUT and then come the drawbacks. I've never ever felt like that with my camera, have you?. All the best,Mike.