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    Default Finally made a decision. Now lenses.

    So I spent half an hour in Currys playing with the Nikon 5100 and the Canon 600d. And in the end, it came down to which one hurt my hand. I found that I gripped the Nikon in such a way that after a few minutes my hand started to cramp up whereas the 600d was a much more relaxed, comfortable fit. I think if the Nikon had been more comfortable to hold, I would have gone for that but hey ho. It's not.

    So now, lenses. Most 600d kits come with a 18-55mm lens. Some of the reviews have been less than complimentary about the lens. Is this a fair judgment? Also I found one package on SLR Hut with a 18-135mm lens. Would that be a better option?

    I'm a bit confused about lenses to be honest. Basically, I know that a 'nifty fifty' would be great for portraits and that the 18-55mm lens is an okay starter lens to get to grips with a DSLR with. I'm assuming the 55mm dictates the length of zoom and that, at some point, I might be looking for something that goes that little bit farther.

    Can the 18-55mm do macro shots? I know that there are specialist lenses for that but to start with?

    Thanks for your help. It has been so great to tap into such knowledge.

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    Hi the canon 18-55 isnt a bad lens to start with, its better than the 18-135. you could just buy a body and pair it with a lnes like sigma 17-70os which does do macro and is also a good all round lens. whats your budget

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    As a Sigma lens user I can assure you that they perform great and cost a heck of a lot less than the camera makers lenses. I have 3 of them so speak from experience. The 18-50mm lens will not do well for macro shots. I would recommend the Sigma 150mm Macro lens because I bought the 70mm Macro lens,(app 500) and I wish I had bought the 150mm as it allows you to be not as close to your subject, thereby not scaring it off. Go for IS with Sigma, (Image Stabilisation) which will give you a sharper pic. For a zoom I would opt for the Sigma 18-250mm lens with IS, it scored a 91% in WDC Mag test. All the best, Mike.
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    The sigma 17-70 os is a great lens it's a wee bit faster a wee bit wider and has more zoom .It also does macro but should be noted it is not a true macro lens... graham


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