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    Default I think my brain is going to explode.

    How does anyone ever decide between Canon and Nikon?!! Ever??!!

    So I've been to the shops, held the cameras. Thought I wanted the 600d, then had a really good conversation with a guy who knew his onions re cameras. He admitted that he is a Nikon man. Canon had put the 600d onto one of those stupid stands where it's anchored in so you can't really get a feel of the camera and its weight. It is slightly larger and so a more natural fit in my hand but the Nikon has a more expensive feel. Also I've heard that the kit lens with the Nikon is better. Is that true?

    I know that the photos with both would be far superior to anything I've taken before but when you are buying into the whole DSLR thing you know that once you decide, that's pretty much it for life because of the investment in lenses.

    I've also received my books, looked at some of the stuff that Chris gave me and, quite frankly, my brain has been overloaded with information. The best thing about it is now I understand so much more of what is possible, why my g9 isn't doing it for me anymore, what I am looking for. It's just making the final decision that is blowing my mind. Any guidance would be so helpful. Or maybe I should just draw straws . . .


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    hi Britt

    its what every one of us as to face when you move to a DSLR & only your self can make that decision i use Canon but reading the spec of some of the Nikon Camera's in both the same price range they both to me have + & -'s in which ever one you choose to buy
    the any thing i can say if you do buy a Canon 600D and have big hands get a battery grip it really does make the camera feel better in the hand and its not that much extra in weight

    all the best

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    hi theres no way to say get this or that i went from a canon a640 to a 550d reasons at the time felt right was just out so future proofed a bit the d90 was a couple of years older. i was used to the canon software and the way they did things.
    it is very hard to say get this or get that. if you have a couple of sd cards go to shop and shoot with them then look at the iq at home

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    Hi Britt. Any good quality DSLR should give you decent pics. A camera is a tool and there are different tools for different jobs. Some cameras have more than others in the way of shooting options, depends on how much one is prepared to pay finally. I can tell you that I did lots of research before buying and I'm so glad I did, because I wouldn't change my camera for anything and love it to bits. Had it 4 years now and it's so dependable. I also use Sigma lenses with it and love the results, from high speed sport to macro.
    What more could I ask?. Oh, I bought the Nikon D300. All the best.
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