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    Default Putting your self to the Test

    Hi all
    for a few weeks since the weather's been up and down here in the uk ive been putting my self on a bit of a test as
    before i got in to photography i was a Mobile Dj for 17 years now and again i still like to make a mix of music so a few weeks ago i made a mix of some new songs i had but i wanted to make a video to go with it to & put in to practice the new skill's ive been leaning with the Adobe Software over the years for my facebook page. So using some clips of me when i was djing and a still photo of one of my good friends sam which i animated for this video i have created this 16min Music mix video using MixMeister Fusion,Adobe Audition for the music & Adobe After Effects,Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Premiere Pro to put it all together plus tons of special effects as this summer i will be shooting and making some music video's using my 550D's so this was just a test for me i wish the quality would have rendered out better but every thing cant be true HD all the time

    hope you enjoy it
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