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    Default To bridge or not to bridge?

    I currently have a Canon 450D but find that the supplied telephoto lens of 70-210 just is not bringing me close enough for nature shots, besides being rather bulky. So, am looking at Bridge camera such as Canon SX40, Sony HV100V as well as Fuji HS20 and Nikon P510.
    Most usage will include travel shots and garden wildlife hence considering a 'superzoom' for flexibility and size. The ability to have high quality video is also attractive.
    Everything I have read talks about quality of image not being as good as DSLR but any printing I do will not be bigger than A4 so will I notice the difference?
    Any advice/suggestions re best choice gratefully received please!!

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    Hi and welcome for the amount of money you will spend I would look at another lens 70-300 would get you closer and both tamron and sigma do one as well as canon. If you are looking for a one lens does all then the tamron 18-270 Pzd. I think a bridge is ok but a DSLR will focus quicker for you

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    Default To Bridge or not?

    Dont get the HS20 EXR!, The big zoom and the sensor cant handle the pixels!, having to shoot on 4 maga pixels in bright sunshine is just and i mean just ok with no room for cropping!, other than that steer cleer of it, the picture quality is really bad!! . . Read my own questions about this naff camera on the forum. Good luck. Pirate.

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    @Wave - thanks for that - but son is wanting my camera-so will be starting from scratch!

    @ Pirate - thanks re the HS20 - scrubbed it off list


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