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Thread: Help me decide!

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    Default Help me decide!

    Do you think that trading in my Minolta Dynax 5D for a Pentax K-r would be a good idea?

    My daughter has just bought this Pentax, and it's a great little camera, and I'm quite tempted.

    Any advice greatly appreciated.

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    Hi and welcome your minolta is probably circa 2005 and digital cameras have come on leaps and bounds since then. I would go and try one and also look at a canon 550d, 600d and a nikon d5100 also look at the pentax k-r. Good luck

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    Thank you for your reply.

    I have tried out the Pentax K-r already and really like it. I don't really want to go down the Nikon or Canon route.

    What I really would like to if it would be a good idea to trade in my Minolta Dynax 5D for the Pentax? My local camera shop are selling the Pentax as a kit with bag and 8GB card for 399, and if I can get a fair price for my Minolta kit, I would be able to afford the Pentax.

    So just looking for some advice really.


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    Hi Juliet, welcometo the forum. Can you tell us how many lenses you have?... graham

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    Hi, Thank you for your reply.

    I have seven lenses that are Minolta fit, which I also use with ny Sony Alpha 580 DSLR, and I'm keeping that kit.

    Any opinions on the trade in on the Minolta Dynax 5D. The camera shop will give me 125 for it on a trade in for the Pentax K-r kit.


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    To be honest I think it's a good deal and you have the Sony as a second camera... graham

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    Thanks Graham.

    It looks like the deal could be done this afternoon! If I don't chicken out that is, it's funny how you get emotionally attached to your old kit when you are thinking of upgrading!

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    Good luck, let us know how you get on... graham

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    Well, the deal is done! And I think it was a fair one in the end.

    I'm now reading the manual and having a play with the camera. So far, really pleased with it. But the big test will be when I take a load of outdoor photos, see how it fairs.

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    Well done it did seem a good deal you got, I'm sure you won't be long in getting up to speed with it ,looking forward to seeing your photos on the site... graham


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