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    Hey guys been browsing this forum for a while but never posted myself untill now

    Looking for some advice on a camera.
    At the moment i have a sony a55 which ive had for about a year with standard 18-55 kit lens tamron 70-300 zoom and sony 100mm macro.

    Dont get me wrong its a very good camera but after a year i would like a change to either a nikon or canon.
    Main reasons for changing is that the sony eats batteries or at least mine does anyway seems to me u take a picture and you lose 1% battery 99 photos later and it needs another charge not sure wether its only this sony camera or all dslr's are power hungry.
    The little lcd viewfinder is absolutely fine but id prefer the old mirror type screen.
    The a55 is pretty small in the hand and id like something with a slightly bulkier feel.
    The lenses: i have 3 lenses for my sony id like to collect lenses and from what i can see canon and nikon have a wider range of them.

    So far my budget is aroud 1000 ive been looking at a few cameras and so far ive seen 2 cameras that fit the bill either the nikon d7000 or the canon 60d im more into the photos so the video isnt much of a big deal but its good to have.

    Any tips for either of these cameras or another similar camera would be great
    could probly push the budget by a few hundred depending on if i can sell my sony havent a clue what it would be worth second hand its in good condition and all the lenses are clean. I bought the macro lens second hand from ebay about 6 months ago for 300 so i should get 400-500 maybe for the lot.

    Thanks guys

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    hi and welcome both cameras are very good but the nikon plus a kit lens your budget is gone. the canon i would go for a 18-55 lens as a kit it is better than the 18-135 in my opinion. If you go down the canon route then i would look at the 550d and the 600d you save a lot money and use that for an extra lens


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