Hi everyone. Brand newbie here, so please bear with me!

After having quite a few people tell me I have an eye for photos... I have decided buy my first 'good' camera this year...the only problem is I don't really know much about is proving to be an unbelieveably complex market! Essentially, this is my situation in bullet points!
  • I have a budget of 600-800 total...but happy to stretch a little if its worth it
  • I have no real understanding of the majority of the jargon or tech speak yet, but learning slowly
  • I like the style/feel/interface of the Canon 60d (a friend has one but CANNOT explain anything to me without using incredibly complex tech speak!)
  • I probably won't be upgrading anytime soon so would like to buy the best I can afford rather than a beginners camera that I would soon grow out of
  • I want an 'all-rounder' lens - (most of my pics will be outdoors, sometimes with fast moving subjects, the remainder indoor family shots but generally well lit scenes)
  • I would like minimal fiddling for maximum result

I appreciate that the above could be hugely subjective, but I am drowning in all the options and body/lens combos so really need to narrow down my searches!

Hope some kind and patient souls can help me...in fairly plain english!