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    Default Secondhand lens feature

    Hi everyone,

    We're putting together a feature on buying secondhand lenses.

    We'd love to hear from you if you've brought a lens secondhand, and your thoughts on it, good or bad.

    If you've got a shot you're proud of from a lens you've brought used, it'd be great to see it - it may even get used in the feature if you're happy for us to do so.

    You can always email me directly at



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    Hi i have never bought a camera or lenses second hand as I always wonder why are people getting rid of them. That said if I did think about it I would go to a good dealer where there would be some warranty with the product.

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    hi phil

    like wave i would not buy a 2nd hand body but
    back in april 2011 i went looking for a smaller walk about lens at the time i had a few lens
    but i wanted some thing smaller then the Tamron 70-300mm

    A few months before i had brought some things from a company that had another web site selling 2nd hand gear on there web page they were selling in there Tamron Range for Canon fit a Tamron AF 28-200mm 71DE they had it up for sale at 40 after looking at the newer mode of this lens which retailed at 333.95. I thought ill buy it as i see it people go to football match's or out over a weekend drinking and can spend more then 40 and have nothing to show for there money that's my way of thinking any way
    The lens came and was as what the web site said in mint condition so that day i took 3 lens my canon 18-55mm kit lens,canon 50mm f1.8 and this Tamron AF 28-200mm in to my garden to do some test shot and i was pleased with the shots taken with this 40 lens here are the shots i took

    it was not till later in june i took the lens with my other ones to my annual RAF Airshow at RAF Cosford here in the midlands to really test it out so here are the shots i took in one of the hangers at RAF Cosford using the Tamron AF 28-200mm there are a few at the end of the set which are taken with my Tamron 70 - 300mm

    hope this is some help for your feature

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    Hi I have 2 used lenses i bought in an Oxfam charity shop in Troon , needless to say i visit a lot more charity shops than i used to .One is a Tamron 28- 70mm which cost 15 the other is a Sigma 24mm super wide costing 8. they even came with uv filters. I have got to say it's the best 23 i ever spent. Once i gave them a good clean i was amazed at the quality of these cheap lenses
    I took some photos this morning Jan 28... graham

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    Hi Graham & Russ, great images you have posted! it will be interesting to read Phils feature on second hand lenses, sorry Phil I own a Bridge camera so have not purchased any second hand lenses,all the best..Caroline

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    Thanks for your responses guys - some interesting thoughts here and nice pics with some very cheap glass!


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