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    My Powershot A80 has a variety of interchangable lens. Unfortunately, the camera has a problem with the image sensor, so rather than spend a fortune for repairs I was thinking of upgrading the camera but am wondering what Canon would be compatiable with the variety of lens I have.

    I couldnt get much sense out of Canon themselves and most of the outlet seem to think that no newer camera would be compatiable.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    I don't think Canon do any cameras that accept add-ons nowadays; why not look on ebay for a secondhand A80? There are 3 on there at the moment (Sat 21 Jan), two in auctions and a Buy-it-now with an underwater case. Or there are a couple of A95s, which might take the same add-ons.

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    Thanks for the information ....I see, according to Ebay, lens for the A80 also fit the A95, A.520, A540 and A570 IS...

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    Yes ebay is the best place to look for new as well as refurbished products. Recently I have purchased a used product from ebay.


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