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    Default Can't choice my new compact digital camera

    im new in this forum and i write to get help in choosing my new digital camera. First of all im not a photographer so i don't need a professional camera, what i need is a small, light and easy to use camera, capable of recording full HD video and with interesting features like fast shoot, much filters and so on.
    In last weeks i read some review and i've narrowed it down the choice to 2 cameras that meet all my needs, the Samsung ST96 and the Canon IXUS 220HS .
    Their features are pretty similar (burst shot, full hd video, filters, hight fps video...) and the reviews give a score slightly greater to IXUS 220 HS but before choice one i want to hear an opinion of an expert or maybe of someone that have this cameras.

    Can anyone give me some feedback\opinion\preference about those cameras?
    Thanks in advice.

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    if its down to 2 then go try them get the one that feels right

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    Our pick would have to be the IXUS 220HS - it's a great pocket camera that's well-made, easy to use and delivers good images.


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