Hi all

Some advice needed please.

I am a completely amateur photographer in the sense that I have a very old Sony Cybershot that I literally use just for 'point and click' picture taking. So no tinkering with settings or the like. And it was something I'd throw in my pocket for day trips, holidays and nights out, so it received a fair bit of abuse!

I picked up on the Pentax Q about 12 months ago, through a small preview in a newspaper. As soon as I saw it I loved the old fashioned style of it.

To cut a long story short I recently had my 30th and asked for money with a view to putting towards buying the Pentax Q as a 'daytrip and hobby' only camera - so I would look after it and not, for example, take it out on a boozy night out!

However...when I popped into my local Jessops last week to take a look at one I was taken aback by how small it was. It put me off to start off with. When in the shop another old fashioned style camera caught my eye - The Fujifilm X10. In the end I did not go ahead with any purchase and went away to think about it and also started doing some serious research.

Since this 'research' I have shortlisted 3 cameras - The Pentax Q, The Fujifilm X10 and the Fujifilm X100.

These are my main points/notes on each one.

The original camera I had my heart set on. Looks great...in the pictures, however the size may be a little too small? However I think it's great that it has interchangeable lenses, as these could be something that I could be given as gifts at future birthdays, and I like the idea of having a camera bag with a camera with a selection of lenses in. Although the size is not what I expected, I am still fairly keen and positive about purchasing this camera, and to be fair the demonstration I was given showed the camera to be fairly impressive and to do what I wanted it to do for my 'hobbyist' exploits.
One other point as it springs to mind, this camera also has different settings for the picture type i.e. sepia mode. Which is nice!

As I said this caught my eye in the shop in much the same way that the Pentax Q (PQ) caught my eye in the paper - the styling is superb and exactly what I was looking for. Slightly cheaper than the PQ and also at the size I was envisioning the PQ to be. Also has a view finder which is appealing. Con is that the lens is not interchangeable like the PQ, but having removable lenses is only a 'nice' option to have, not a necessity. Also on the Fuji X10 I love the fact that there is a smart leather case available for it, which I would definitely get if I bought this camera.

If money was no object then I would 100% go for this camera above the other 2. Similar comments really as the X10, except that this looks even better! Hybrid view finder also looks interesting in the review (I've not seen this camera in the flesh).
If comments from others are towards this camera then I would consider it, as I'm already spending £500 what's an extra 200-300 to get exactly what you want?... So the con on this one really is the price.

One other comment/question is what is the difference between the X10 and the X100? Why would Fuji release the X10 when they already have the X100? Why should I get one over the other?

If possible, and taking into account the reasoning's behind me getting a camera (styling, something to cherish) - what do people on here think would be the best option for me and why?

I'd like to think responses will be made by persons who know a LOT more than me about the subject of cameras, however I'm not really interested in recommendations of any other cameras i.e. "try the Nikon 1", as I want a camera that looks great (old style) that I will own and look after - and be proud to own - for years to come!

Thanks in advance for any guidance and comments. I'm hoping to make a purchase within the next 7-10 days.