if this has been asked before, then apologies...

for the last 3/4 years I've been using a Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-N2 digital camera, but now the lens seems to be playing up, so I thought I'd buy a new one... but can't find any website in the UK that seem to sell it anymore (not supprising, since it's an old model now).

The main reason I wanted to get another Cyber-shot DSC-N2 was that it had a nice feature of saving the image twice - once on the memory and then a VGA copy on the camera itself.

This meant there was always a backup of the photos taken and was a feature I've used more then once in retrieving deleted images (off the memory card) - I know you can retirieve deleted images of a memory card, but this doesn't always work with a card in constant use.

I've tried looking for another digital camera which has this feature, but could only find it on the N1 and N2...

I was wondering if they were any other compacts that had this feature currently on the market.

Thanks in advance.