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    Default Upgrading my Lumix TZ3 which camera should I buy

    My trusty TZ3 is nearing the end of its days now and its time for a change.

    With a budget up to about £250, I am looking for a similar type camera.

    General useage is landscapes, closeups and movies - I like the facility of the zoom in on my TZ3 for the odd close up, but sometimes the quality suffered.

    I like having the occasional manual over-ride of controls, but 90% of the time I use the auto settings.

    Been reading the various reviews of cameras and am well and truly bewildered now.

    I considered a more up to-date Lumix then read about picture quality concerns

    I considered a Canon IXUS 230HS and this is very tempting although the zoom is down considerably the quality seems to compensate.

    I would appreciate some user guidance on various options, as there are lots of professional reviews which tend to baffle enthusiastic amateurs like me


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    Well I think I have narrowed choice down to three

    Canon SX220 (I dont need the gps function)

    Nikon S9100 (why oh why doesnt it have a charger supplied with it)

    Samsung WB700

    Now its getting tough to decide which as whilst reviews generally sing the praises, user comments are often varied

    Any feedback would be great

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    Default Buy a second-hand DLSR for £250 or less

    If you have concerns about picture quality, you've already outgrown this type of camera. Similar money will buy you a decent used 10-12mp DSLR with the 18-55mm kit lens from a reputable retailer who will probably offer 3 months guarantee. Of course, it probably won’t have the latest toys (live view, video, built in coffee maker, etc,) but none of these will actually improve the picture quality. In fact, picture quality probably has as much to do with knowing how to use the camera as it does with the type of camera you use, but a DSLR will allow you to really exploit what you have learned. If you search carefully, and can live with an older model, you may even get a body plus a longer zoom lens for this kind of money.

    I have a 5 year of DSLR with a 10mp sensor, but have been pleasantly surprised how good 50cm x 75cm prints look when I have taken care to get the exposure, focus and framing correct. Sometimes I even use the autofocus, but everything is else always manual.

    To use a car analogy: new Ka or low mileage second-hand Golf?
    Manual or Automatic?
    Toy or tool?

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    The TZ18 and 20 not bad and will be familiar to you, Nikon S9100 ok but horrible to navigate around very annoying, Canon Sx150 nice camera but a little chunky but if that doesn't bother you...SX220 also a nice camera. Or you could look at either the Sony HX7 or HX9. All good cameras some better than others. I work in a camera shop so hear a lot of customer feedback personally I would go for either the panasonic or one of the IXUS models.


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    thanks guys.

    Ive got a dslr already, this is my carry in the pocket everywhere everyday camera - hence looking for similar.

    The Lumix whilst a great camera has taken a hammering from me over the last few years and bits are starting to stick etc, batteries play up and so on, so time for a change.

    I think the Canons are my favourite from the research so far, but will check out the Sony specs as well.

    Thanks again for feedback


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