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    Default bridge camera advise

    Hi all,

    I am wanting to buy a new camera with a great zoom but i also have another wish but am unsure whether the camera i am looking at will be capable of giving me the results i desire(Cannon SX40)

    I want/need to be able to have portrait type photos but with the background blurred. I have limited knowledge but am of the understanding that this can be done with aperture control to reduce the depth of field...?

    My main concern is that i buy the new camera and its not able to produce images like this. Just so you know my budget won't stretch to a decent DLSR with lenses to match the optical zoom i also want.

    Any help or advise would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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    hi lee

    i cant give you help with what kind of camera as ive never owned a bridge camera
    but what i can tell you that with a lens if the lens as F2.8 or smaller on it like F1.8, F1.4 ,F1.2 then as you said that is your aperture the higher the numbers get the more things come in to focus like F5.6, F8 , F11 and so on so if you focus on some thing in the middle of a picture at F11 then things from the front and behind that focus point will be in focus giving you more DOF.

    If a bridge camera is like a point n shot and as setting like portrait mode then the lens is going to give you the smallest F number

    hope this is some help to you

    all the best Russ

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    thanks for your reply

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    Hi and welcome to get blurred back grounds then you need a shallow depth of field as blitz has said, but you also have to account for zoom to. I used to have a bridge and it took great pics most of the time but it failed to do what you want it to so I got a DSLR which does everything. sorry to be negative but if i was you then i would save and get a DSLR


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