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    Default new version of Adobe Lightroom 4

    Hi all just watched on line the new version of Adobe Lightroom 4 beta
    that's been brought out looks well good the new things added to speed up a work flow for the people on here that might use Lightroom

    well worth a look if you are thinking of getting software to edit your images i thought Lightroom 3 was great but this new version takes it up a level cant wait till the new version comes out as a full version

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    Thanks for this Russ . I have been thinking on buying lightroom will aait on the new version... Graham

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    well worth waiting for graham m8 by the looks of it
    i all ways use lightroom first if the settings in camera have been done right then your away with just a few clicks i any take the harder images to photoshop like most of us do on here that need extra work doing or to use a layer mask


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