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    Default Upgrade DSLR from canon 450D

    Hi All,

    I'd really like some help - I'm looking for an upgrade to my 450D, I like it, but I need a camera that is a little faster and can do videos. I'm really in to nature photography, and am going to work on a nature reserve for just over a year so planning to hone my skills then. Will have to go for something that has weatherproofing as there's likely to be some rain (jungle and marine based activities)

    I've got 1000 to spend, can anyone offer advice on whether it's best to upgrade by a few models and just get a really good lens or whether I should go for a 5D/7D ?!

    Any help and advice appreciated

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    Hi if you look at a new body then both the 5d and 7d are above your budget, you could get a 60d but if you want weather proof then I would go for 7d and then you would need a weather proof lens so the cost goes on and on. sorry about the bad news


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