While I am certainly not in the market to buy a Sony NEX-7, the comparative reviews by sister publications WDC and AP might have prospective buyers confused - though the AP review was rounded upon for indicating the NEX-7 utilized sensor-based IS.

The two reviews show certain discrepancies:
According to AP the battery life was astonishing >800 shots per charge, yet WDC found different at only 355?
The biggest discrepancy between the reviews though is in AF performance; this is considering the NEX-7 ports the same sensor as the A77 but without the separate phase-detect focusing sensor - to be implemented via a forthcoming lens adaptor? According to November's AP review the NEX-7 AF was superior to the latest offerings by Nikon, Olympus and Panasonic (with their on-sensor phase detect or fast refresh contrast detect systems) respectively, and that in low light the NEX-7 was far superior to these. Fast forward to the January issue of WDC and the NEX-7 AF isn't as fast or accurate as the above comparison cameras/systems and suffers more in low light - huh?

Aspects of the two reviews indicate rather different cameras; was one a preview model and one a production model, or were the firmware versions different?