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    Default Sony A77 - why HUGE price diff between 18-55mm lens & 16-50mm?

    I'm thinking of going for real quality high resolution by getting a Sony Alpha 77 and have seen one advertised in Spain for 1400 euros with the 18-55mm lens OR with another lens - 16-50mm for 1900 euros.

    Can anyone tell me why there is such a massive price difference between the two lenses..The Sony brochure, Sony 'make.believe' which the shop gave me, on which the shop wrote the prices in biro, doesn't specify any more about the lenses for the A77 that makes much sense to me. I'm a beginner on the technical side as well which doesn't help.. Did the shop just pluck prices out of the sky or is there a real reason for such a big difference in price between the two?

    Does anyone also know of other sources to buy this camera as the shop on this website via WDC doesn't deal with customers not in UK and the only other place I can now see them is Amazon USA

    Thanks in advance for any help !

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    hi louisa

    the reason why the big difference in price of the two lens is the 18 -55mm is whats called a kit lens or a better way of putting it a cheaper bit of glass the 16-50mm how ever is a lot better bit of glass and why this is because when you zoom some lens in and out there F number changes so the 18 - 55mm lens F number might be F 3.5 at the wider end but when you zoom in closer the F number at 55mm becomes F5.6 now the 16 - 50mm lens stays at F 2.8 at the wide 16mm end and all so at the 50mm zoomed in end its whats called a fast lens as it lets in more light then the 18 - 55mm one that why its priced more

    hope this answer's you question sorry i cant help with knowing were to buy one from here in the uk
    all the best

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    Default Thanks for explaining, Russ

    Thanks for explaining Russ, that's very helpful!

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