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    Default NHS ID Camera needs... guidance needed

    Hi all,

    As a newbie on WDC id like to welcome myself to this very useful forum!

    My needs,
    I work at a strategic level designing and policing protocols & policies for our inpatient services.
    We are a Trust where a patient may come to stay for a period of time, they may be vulnerable for many reasons but can include absconsion.

    Photos are to be used to aid searches should someone abscond and also as a secondary step of checks when providing medication to compare before administering.

    I want to provide a staff member in each location a Camera that can only take an ID photo and print 2 copies.
    I want to remove the ability for the staff member to select the wrong function eg Video mode, adjust megapixel rate etc.
    The camera doesnt have to be 16MP etc, 6 or 8 is sufficient!
    I would like a piece of software that will only allow a 'print 2 of ', function.

    I would like following this for the camera memory to be wiped, or just not be big enough to cope with more then a couple of pics to force the staff member to delete them. I dont want us to be sitting on electronic photos of patients.

    It doesnt have to be a portable camera.. it could be a web cam mounted and software associated...

    I dont know where to look with regards Software, and have functionality removed from it, or even with the camera removing functions etc.. without having to superglue the function dial!

    Im going to need this in place for 10 locations.....

    If you have any questions about something i may have missed just holla!

    Many thanks and enjoy Christmas!

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    Hi and welcome not sure there is such a thing on the camera market, coupled with the fact that the data is on the card in camera then any number of prints could be made. So you are down to a web cam and making a PC secure with limited access. As you are NHS all your staff I think would have to have a Police check, thats one bit of security. If you only let senior staff have access I am sure someone in IT could limit the number of prints from a file. Good Luck merry christmas

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    Welcome to the forum. What you want is a compact with a built in memory something like the Fuji AV 110. This cameras internal memory is so small that it wont hold more than2 photos ... graham

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