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    Default Canon DC lens or IS lens

    Hi, I want to buy an entry level DSLR, Canon 1100D. There are two lens kits available, 1100D with 18-55 DC lens cost 380, and 18-55 IS lens cost 400. I don't really care about the 20, but just curious about the differences between the two lens. Is there any major differences? Thanks!

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    hi zhouzilu

    i think its a misprint on the web site canon don't make dc lens the IS stand for Image Stabilised
    so that you can take photos a few stops slower but still get same photo as if you was shooting them at a fast shuttter speed thats what IS means

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    It's not a misprint, in Comet and Jessops website, they both selling Canon 1100D with 18-55 DC lens. They are 20 cheaper than the one with IS lens.
    Here is the link


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    I dont know what a dc lens is but if you want to get a kit then get the IS one as it has a stabalized lens

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    hi zhouzilu
    ive just found out what your DC stands for
    it means what AF motor type used in the lens and its a DC Micro Motor but looks like its missing the IS which is Image Stabilised so like you said about the extra 20 buy the one with IS you never now when you might need it when shooting handheld at a lower shutter speed

    hope this helps
    all the best

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    Thanks for the info, I will definitely buy the one with IS.


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