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    Default CSC Advice please

    Hi There

    I have had compact camera for years love taking all sorts of pictures as a hobby~ holidays, motorsports etc. My current Canon Ixus 95 isnt giving me consistant resultsI would like and want to upgrade.

    Dont fancy a large DSLR as they are very bulky to carry around on holidays etc and therefore thinking of an CSC. Any thoughts/views here?

    The two I have settled on so far are the Lumix GF3 and the Nikon J1. Again any views on either?

    I am also a little confused with the lens choice for the GF3 and wonder what would be the best lens to get the 14mm pancake or 14-42mm. Not sure of the difference between these and wonder what would be the best for a semi amature looking to improve my photgraphy skills?

    Any advive or comments provided would be very much appreciated.

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    looking at the nikon its new it doesnt have a view finder and has a new lens mount system not sure how many lenses are available. Gf3 also doesnt have a view finder but based on 4/3 system again check on lenses.
    I think you would be best to go and try both out


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