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    Default Canon SX230 or Sony HX9v OR Canon S95 OR anyother camera????plz help me

    Hi All,

    I want to take the point and shoot camera, im confused between Canon SX230 or Sony HX9v or Canon S95.I have seen reviews of the above cameras everyone are suggesting sony for its more features and also i have seen the reviews that sony is lacking in quality and Canon is nice in clarity.Can you plz suggest me which would be nice for best clarity for taking pics of my friends and
    family members. Are there any other cameras apart from the above which are nice in picture clarity and which will fit in pocket easily. Zoom is not important for me im more interested in image quality .

    Your answers would help me a lot.

    thank u all in advance

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    I just bought the HX9V and am probably going to return it. No RAW format and the pictures downloaded via the PMB software included in the pack are WAY too compressed. As in 159Kb per photo or thereabouts. Yes, Kb, not MB. They look washed out and horrible. I could have got better pictures using an Apple iPhone.


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