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    Default photoshop sneaks

    Is this the end of vr,os ,is and any other anti shake for cameras?

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    hi graham m8
    i saw this video a few weeks ago on my facebook account
    it sure does make you think about lens vr & is
    i now a lot of people i have spoken to said about the price of photoshop but when you see a video like that makes it worth every penny in my eyes

    its like the other day some one asked how different photoshop elements was to photoshop cs5
    i could not find half the things in photoshop elements no colour modes like CMYK colour or LAB colour no curves any levels i was finding it hard to edit a photo and her is me telling this person i now how to use photoshop im glad in the end he said ill go buy photoshop cs5 i can learn him better then trying to learn him with half the tools for the job missing

    but still Adobe rocks
    thanks for sharing it graham m8


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    Hi Russ.
    I started on elements 4 and moved to CS3 and never looked back. I know it is a lot of money at first but after the first out lay in get cheaper when you upgrade... graham

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    hi graham

    i cant use any thing else theses days i think since getting a pc back in 1999
    ive tried them all from Microsoft Paint 9,10 then Ulead then Corel then i stopped closing down at the time CS3 and started learning all there was to know on how to use it lol

    happy days

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    I have just seen this and it looks really good but what will it be like in practise i can t wait to see. I have just started using ps9 this year, I use it with aperture 3 so lets see when it gets to elements


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