Dear all,

I am essentially new to this world, and I am looking for a camera, that allows me to take photos of any kind of landscapes, but regular portraits and occasional macros. It should have an automatic control as well as the option to set the parameters manually. Hence the bridge (?).

Do you have any suggestion for me? Prefereably for a budget of 400€/£350.


Maybe to add more details.

I bought a CASIO Exilim in 2004 and was essentially happy with it: the AF in bright day light is fast and reasonnably good, the resolution was (very) low, but for a 2004 camera, that was still alright. And with the special modes, I had the possibility of making different kind of pictures. However the image was distorted (barrel distortion?), as soon as there were less light, the AF was failing, and the mpossibility to manually control the different parameters as exposition time and aperture, meant that photos in specific light conditions (in particular at night) were virtually impossible.

Having these in mind, I was looking for a new camera. I mostly like to take pictures with rather large angle in different landscapes (mountains, sea-side, countryside or cities). But of course, as being my main camera, I want to be able to take photos of members of my familly and/or friends. And finally, when strolling around I find some nice flowers, insects, etc. Which then requires macro shooting. In principle, I am not looking for too high precision photos, but as a casual photoshop-like software user, I'd like to have raw pictures to play around. I am not interested in having good movies quality (my mobile phone is even good enough for that), or fast pace photo shooting.

Almost two years ago when the idea started to form in my mind, I googled around and came up with a configuration that should fit my needs (I am maybe wrong)
Résolution: 8Mpx
Zoom optique: 20X
Focale: 28-560
Ouverture: 2.8-5.6
Vitesse d'obturation: 8-1/1000 s
ISO: 100-1600
Now I have actually got a little money available for it, I went back to google, and found some reviews like here. However I seem to always find a fault to all the cameras that I have seen. Maybe because the reviewers have standards very high and far further than mine. I found that the FZ150 seems to be reasonnably good, but maybe a it over my price range. The Optical Image Stabilisation sounds very convincing, but maybe for my use, Sensor-based stabilisation is enough. Then again I went to look for bridge because it seemed to be what I wanted, but I may be wrong..?

Finally I ended up not exactly knowing for which one I should go, and thought it better to simply ask you...?