Hi, im new here and new to camera's so not sure what im looking for really but.. i have a samsung ST600 and a FujiFilm F500EXR which i bought for my partner for xmas, i bought these online so thats why i got 2 so i could test them and give her the better one... but due to being a total noob i just look at the pic thats been tooken and judge from that... no idea about any of the settings on them

iv now decided that i shall have the other camera which my partner doesnt want as i would like a camera

so my problem is the fuji is 20 dearer than i paid for the samsung... but to my noobish ways is that worth it.. yes its only 20 but what with xmas coming up money is tight lol, so if i could get any help/advice on these camera's that would be fantastic!