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    Default 2x teliphoto lens

    Hi I am new to the forum and photography, I bought a kodak Z740 camera some years ago and never got around to using it due to work commitments, however, I have finally got it out of the box, new batteries and it works great.

    What I really want to know is if I buy a 2 x teliphoto lens for this will it turn my 10x zoom to 20x zoom if not what advantage will the 2x teliphoto lens be.

    I have the chance to buy a lens kit 1 Teliphoto 1 wide angle and 4 filters all to fit my make and model.

    Sorry to be a bit thick but just starting out so want to keep it simple to start with



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    Hi Charles. Welcome to the forum. Yes the 2x lens will multiply it by 2 giving 20x zoom... graham

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    Thanks Graham

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    Let us know how you get on with it... graham

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    Thanks I will do. I have just uploaded 3 pictures to the gallery which I took using a Casio Excilm. They are only my first attempts but hope to get some constructive feedback and hints and tips



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    hi Charles
    first off welcome to the forum
    ive just taken a look at your 3 images and that Rusty Rita one you would think that would have been taken with a DSLR to me thats a super image again the fish one nice clear image the any one i past comment on was your Yorkshire Mist nice image just a bit to blue for me might be the camera thats made it look that way but still 3 nice images i had a compact camera for some years before i made the move to a DSLR and i would have wished my ones taken would have turned out half as good as ones you have posted look forward to seeing more of your images

    all the best



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