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    Default Buying advise please

    Hi gang I'm seeking some advise before making a purchase to replace some ageing and useless equipment currently owned and used.

    I am sadly disabled with various muscle wasting problems and eyesight issues both of which are not exactly conducive with photography however having never let it stop me yet over the 20+ yrs I have suffered I do not intend to now!

    My basic enquiry is thus, we have just recently moved to a new cottage on the banks of the River Morar in the Scottish Highlands which supplies a daily array of photographic opportunities both as I look from our windows or on the foreshore on our daily dog walking exercise let alone at every turn whilst out and about in daily life with so many spectacular views on our very doorstep we are very lucky, which when added to the fact we have only one neighbour and nothing but opportunities for about a mile around us the area truly holds many scenes and photographic test for me yet and there in lies my problem.

    I am on a day to day basis unable really to fiddle with buttons. Knobs or dials to set up a camera for different shots far less able to see such usually fidgetty devises so ideally I'm seeking an out the box self setting fully automatic devise capable of producing reasonable quality images off the cuff in that it will be able to deal with landscape, close-ups, family shots and our growing puppy inside and outside the home in varying lights without constant adaption, that it will be able to sit on stand-by around my neck for reasonable periods of time without flattening the batteries and if at all possible be able to upload direct to the likes of Facebook or websites without major phaphing about the only other considetation other than the cost might be the weight, size and fragility factors and lastly the cost we have a total budget I suppose conservatorily of about 200 (cash) and am no snob therefore I would choose function over make/model used over new if it could get me what I seek.

    Up until now I have been wholly relying upon the inbuilt camera of my Blackberry Pearl which whilst limited in actual use as almost dealt with all I have thrown at admirably all be it loosing as many shots x 10 to which we have taken due to it being to slow to start or equally react sadly so there you have it warts and all, what I want/need to enable me to make the photographic must out of this entire surrounding area which I dul look forward to when possible (physically) to fully photograph and explore in detail.

    Any personal recommendation from those using a product particularly sought and likewise those possibly disabled and using equipment would be of great assistance likewise all views wanted and all advice great fully received to try to help stop making an expensive mistake as I have in the past with my Sony HandyCam that's unused in the cupboard still years on.

    I will answer all that post hereafter many thanks in anticipation of answers ..


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    Hi Scotsmart. Welcome to the forum.
    Firstly let me say you have picked a great place to live and am not surprised you want to take photos of loch Morar. This is a strange question,considering this is a digital camera site, but have you considered a film camera, they have very few buttons are simple to use and can be picked up quite cheaply. The only down side to them is getting your photos developed. Hope this helps ... graham

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    Hi there cheers for your quick reply whilst I see where your coming from but I use so much tech in my daily life nowadays that I don't think an old style camera would be considered or useable in the long run.

    Surely there must be some sort of digital version that is available to meet the Above requirements or as close to as possible.

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    Hi Scotsmart and welcome to the forum.

    This is a tough one and finding a camera that ticks all your boxes is going to be tricky. For 200, the Canon PowerShot 220HS is worth a look. It can be left in Auto if you want and still deliver great shots, while its not that bulky either.

    It may sound a little obscure, but have you thought about an iPhone 4S - the results from the 8MP camera are excellent (comparable to a good compact), while images can be instantly uploaded to a photo sharing site.

    Its also very easy to use, well-made and light-weight. There's also 1080p HD video. If you can get it as an upgrade to your current phone, it'll set you back under 200.

    Hope this helps.

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    Hi there
    Many thanks for that i currently use an Ipad and had considered and Iphone primarily due to my current phone a Blackberry having produced really quite good images, i may look again at the general phone market although its got to be said i bearly use a phone.
    Again thanks for your valuable input however.


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