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    Question Budget Digital with screen that can be viewed in sunlight!

    I am not a camera expert and am looking for a basic use budget camera, but I am sick of not being able to see the screen in sunlight. Too many times I have had to guess where I'm pointing and end up with half the picture missing. I have tried to search for one that has a viewfinder as well but they seem to be in short supply. Failing that, is anyone able to suggest a reasonable priced option that can be used in the sun?
    I have read lots of reviews but it seems that this is rarely mentioned and I wonder why?
    I have been using a Sanyo VPC-E875 but the display screen has died on me and it was hopeless in sunlight. I am now having to use my son's old Vivitar but would like to get one of my own.
    I do take quite a lot of indoor photos as well, so that would be a priority for me.
    Would be very grateful for any suggestions or advice anyone can offer and thank you in advance!

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    hi wendy

    after looking on a few web sites my self it looks like the only ones you will find with a viewfinder are when the price goes over 200 i did see this one Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ45 priced at 239
    at jessops web site was priced at 349.00

    hope this is some help



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