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    Default Newbie in need of advice

    Hi, I'm hoping someone can advise me as to what digital camera I should buy.

    I have a problem in that I am of a nervous disposition and can be quite shaky at times. Having said that, I was fine with my old, pre-digital (prehistoric) camera, and I think that may have been because it was heavier than modern lightweight cameras.

    Does anyone know of a modern digital camera which isn't lightweight? I know this is unlikely, as everyone but me wants light and compact, but there you go. There's always one, as they say.

    I would also need something which is easy to use. I'm not very camera savvy so a point and shoot, or similar would suit me best, along with not being too pricey. For the right camera I would go to about 200, but it would have to be the right camera.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Quite honestly I think I'd still be using my old camera if it hadn't given up the ghost on me .

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    Hi and welcome let me say you will certainly get a camera in your price range the down side is that modern cameras are light and thats a fact what will help you is a camera with a view finder that way you will have it held upto you giving you better support. look at a canon ixus 980 it has been updated to a ixus220 but this has no view finder but does have image stabalization again afeature which will help you

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    Hi Wave, thank you for your welcome and advice, I will have a look at the camera you recommended right away


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