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    Default My life the last 7 year's

    hi every body
    over the last 7 year's alot of people have asked me what i do so i thought the any way would be to show them and how i got in to doing photography . So this morning i set out on making a video of my life over the last 7 years and since joining this web site i have all so made a facebook page to & got my self a flickr account around the same time i joined here back in 2010 but after looking at the views the 60 photo's i share on the gallery here have had more then my facebook page & Flickr account so i thought use the ones displayed here on my gallery to show over people and try and bring people to the web site so here is my life over the last 7 years in 7 mins hope you injoy the video

    so id like to thank every body that as viewed my gallery since i joined commented and rated my photo's as well. As the last 7 years a all ways been the best so to see that a moment of views i have had well lets just put it this way im well help big thanks to you all


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    Thanks for sharing Russ

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    Wow. I just watched this and my jaw hit the floor. Well done I'm looking forward to the next 7 years... Graham

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    Hi Blitz, that was one amazing video!! Well done!!..Caroline

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    thanks wave , graham & caroline

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    Hey Russ,

    Great video. May you have more success to come in the near future

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    thank you Pigital

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    Well, that's an interesting job!
    Though I thought that will be the serie of your pictures like ' how I have been changing' during these last 7 years A great idea as well, isn't it?


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    Well, quite interesting story you have.

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    Default Bravo!

    Just goes to show that there is no more productive and satisfying ambition than to do what you enjoy .... better.



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