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    Hi, I have been looking for ages at buying myself my first DSLR camera. I have been to Jesseps and Currys. Both shops have recommended different makes. I am looking at spending upto 600.
    Jessops have recommended the Cannon 550 and Currys the Nikon D3100. Can anybody help me please, as I want to buy the right camera first time. I also want to but a telephoto lens in the future. Thanks for your help.

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    Hi and welcome, you wont be disappointed with the 550d its a great camera. what you need to do is see how they feel for you if its comfortable and easy to use for you. When you buy a DSLR you buy into a system so make sure it has all the things you need.

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    recently just done the same myself and bougt a d3100 and its a very easy camera to use so can reccommend it

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    Both are perfectly decent cameras; by far the most important point is which feels right for you, because that's the one you will use more, and take better pictures with. The nth degree of performance difference between them just isn't worth worrying about, and nor is anyone else's opinion but your own.


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