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    Cool Copyright... Confused

    Hi all,

    Need some advice.

    I’m in the process on building own website.

    In regards to copyright. What do you write.

    I was thinking on the following.

    Entering this site you acknowledge that you understand that all pictures and photographs are owned by PKCool and that all rights are reserved by PKCool etc…

    Also I was thinking on selling some of the photos. What do you place in regards that the person can use the picture as many times as needed for personal use only?

    A little confused…

    Many thanks in advance….



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    There is a difference in stating T&Cs for accessing a website (ie see T&Cs for this site) and simply stating that the IPR of the site content belongs to you - copyright subsists anyway, but its worth re-enforcing such statement.

    The second question on selling images is confusing as its suggests licensing images that purchasers can re-use. If you are only intending to offer/sell prints, why would a purchaser need to copy/re-use, and in practical terms how would you enforce your rights and prevent anyone scanning/copying a print?


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