I'd really like a Panasonic FZ45 but due to its size its not practical to carry around so I think I'd better stick with a good point and shoot Compact camera.

So I've narrowed the search down to:
Nikon Coolpix S9100
Panasonic TZ 10 or 18

I checked out the S9100 and TZ18 in Jessops and liked them both, favouring the Nikon only because when I pressed the button the photo was instant whereas the TZ had a slight delay. However on all reviews the TZ is better than the S9100 and user comments on here also question the build quality of the Nikon.

So my question is which should I go for ? The TZ seems like a good camera and I've never read a bad review or user comment. Or have I missed any other cameras out ?

If I go the Panasonic TZ route, should I get a good used TZ10 or go for a new TZ18. Are there and differences I should be aware of and need (.. I don't know what RAW mode is so would never use it even if it had it )

many thanks