I'm currently stuck between these 2 cameras. I'm a noob at photography but want to start getting into it soon.

At first I was interested in the Lumix models after seeing the advert featuring David Eustace and his small camera that performed really well. But then I seen the ad for Panasonic's Cybershot and the Exmor R censor really won me over; I want to take a whole range of different types of shots of lots of different things and one thing I really would like to do is capture the natural ambience in low light scenes.

I really like all the features on the Cybershot and to me it looks good value for money for a compact camera. I feel that if at the end of the day I turn out not to be so enthusiastic about photography, I'll still have a quality compact camera to use like a normal camera (but with that extra quality in the photos) as opposed to buying a really expensive, big professional one with all the massive lenses etc. and having it go to waste.

Yet there's something about the Lumix that attracts me because it's a small camera with a good lense that can be changed. So in a sense it's quite professional quality but not overblown professional for a noob. Plus it's only around 50 dearer than the Cybershot (if I include the cashback from Sony), so it's within my budget.

The main thing pulling me towards the Cybershot is the Exmor R censor. Does it really make a big difference or should I just go for the Lumix?