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    Default Best DSLR or Compact System Camera For Action Photography??

    Hi there,

    I've been using mid-range compact cameras for several years now but fancy upgrading to a DSLR or Compact System Camera whilst I've got the opportunity to use it more.

    I'll be using the camera whilst I am travelling, so mainly for taking fairly normal pictures of landscapes and portraits, but when I return, I'll be using the camera mainly for photographing ballroom dancers so I'd like to get something which can handle these kind of action shots.

    Compact system cameras particularly the Sony Nexus models are pretty appealing in terms of their size and slightly lower price but I've read that they're not best suited to action shots due to slow AF and not having as good high ISO results. Is this a major problem or just if you're a real professional, just because I've managed to get a few good photos on my compact it's just a bit hit and miss.

    Finally I don't have a very big budget maybe 400 tops if I can manage it but at the same time I'd rather buy something decent than something I'll want to upgrade or regret lacking a certain feature or image quality.

    Anyway I was wondering if anyone had any suggests? Thanks in advance

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    hi Joe-e-h

    cant say to much about Compact System's but since buying my first DSLR
    back in 09 the model i brought which was a Canon 500D cost more than 400 back then so to get a body with a low budget
    you might find it hard to get a DSLR for and i find it hard some times when shooting action shots as the AF some times cant keep up with my model as the saying goes you any get what you pay for and with DSLR's the lens help as well which again are more money you have to buy and buying better quality lens do help

    i wish you well with it as i now its hard when making the right choice
    all the best russ

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    Sony NEX-C3, Job done
    You'll get the advantage of a small body when travelling, its great in low light, its just the right camera for you looking at your description, no two ways about it

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    Hi welcome there are two different subject types that you want to do, thats use the camera for traveling so that is good territory for a mirrorless camera. Then when you return you want to take ballroom. Now not knowing how close you will be to the dancers is problem, but I would say that for indoor work you will need a DSLR plus a telephoto zoom with a wide aperture that lens alone is going to be around 500.
    I would agree that the sony looks good for the travel but it seems to come with an 18-55 lens as a kit. I again dont know how far you will be from the action in the ballroom so I cant say if that will be enough of a lens for that purpose.

    My advice is look at your budget go and try some cameras out see how they feel and look at the image quality. You maybe better off waiting and saving. Good luck

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    Thanks wave, for the ballroom I'll actually be right at the floor so doubt I'd need any zoom at all. Having spent sometime holding some of the cameras today I really like the compact system cameras just because they are so much smaller and lighter, my concern is that in a fairly low lit room with fast moving dancers a Nexus-5N may not cope as well as say a Nikon D3100?

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    You'd be surprised, the sony cameras are reeeaally good in low light, and it will totally outclass the nikon in terms of noise (grainyness) performance!


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