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    Default Will someone help me edit/enhance a couple of photos please.??


    I have just had a new baby and have took a few nice photos but the light was not very good and coz of that, they are not printing very well. Is there anybody out there that fancies enhancing /editing a few photos for me as i have no software and no clue how to use it, i would be soooo grateful.

    Thank you

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    I'm sure our resident Photoshop expert Martin Evening would be happy to take a look at them for inclusion in our Evening Class feature in the magazine.

    Drop me a line at and we'll see what we can do.

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    cheers Phil, I have sent u a couple of emails, can u let me know if u have recieved them please.

    Thank again


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    cheers phil, can u let me know if u have rec/d my emails.


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    hi jobilly
    i dont mind taken a look as well for you if you still need some one to take a look at them
    as ive edited a lot of people's images over the years if you want to see a few that i have done theses
    a few images on my facebook page
    so if you want to drop me a email its

    and ill take a look for you jobilly

    Regards Russ


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