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    Question Camera for Badminton/Travel

    Hi all,

    Really want to get into some filming and some beginner photography. I am heading to Australia soon for a few months or maybe more and would love a camera to bring with me and really get some nice footage and shots.

    Before I go however I will be playing badminton for my local club and really want to get some nice footage of our games with a camera. It has proven difficult to get real suggestions from people on a couple of other forums, so I thought I'd sign up to a forum which particularly deals with photography.

    Now, I am aware there are different types of cameras for various different purposes. I don't know if I really want a camcorder.. I was looking a some video footage from the Nex-5 which you guys reviewed and it looks great. However I read in another thread on here that you wouldn't recommend it for sport.

    In terms of budget I don't want to go to wild, but will happily treat myself to the likes of an Nex-5 price range. I appreciate any help you all can offer as I would like to have an idea of what to look for.

    The badminton will be in bright indoor conditions, but it would be great to have an external mic for better sound quality etc.

    If you can point me at some ideas I would really appreciate it.


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    Can anyone offer some help? Most other forums aren't really helping much

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