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    Default Upgrade from Samsung NX10 to DSLR

    I have a Samsung NX10 Compact System Camera. I am very pleased with the Samsung and the pictures that it produces. I have three Samsung NX mount lenses.

    But I am looking to upgrade from the Samsung NX10 to a DSLR. I have a certain budget limit. A full-frame 35mm sensor camera is too expensive.

    So I have checked out the best crop-frame or APS-C sensor DSLRs. The Nikon D7000 seems to be a good camera according to the reviews. Presently I can scrap up enough funds to buy the camera and a 300-400 fix-focal length or "pancake" lens.

    But I have noted that the Nikon D7000 has only the same size sensor as the Samsung. Also I will need to upgrade my present Photoshop CS4 to CS5 in order to be able to manipulate the Nikon's images.

    Does anyone have any experience of upgrading from a CSC (with an APS-C sensor) to a DSLR with an APS-C sensor please ? If so, is the financial outlay worth it. Are the Nikon's images much better than the Samsung. Much of my photography is studio or landscapes with some family images.

    Does anyone have any ideas or comments please ?

    Many thanks


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    Hi what i would do is take an sd card down to a shop pop it in the camera and take a couple of shots. Then again I would look at canon 7d or 60d as well. I can only speak from a canon prospective but if it was me I would be looking at a 60d or even a 600d and getting a 15-85 efs lens but the lens alone is 600 or more. The d7000 is a very good camera but do you need it is a question only you can answer.

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    Hi freedriv082000,

    This is an interesting one. Can I ask what's prompted the decision? Are you finding you're being limited by the NX10 or fancy a change?

    Though the NX10 and D7000 share the same sensor size, the quality of the images produced by the 16.2MP chip in the D7000 is stronger than those from the NX10. Especially at higher ISO sensitivities.

    You'll also notice a jump in performance with the D7000 - the AF is much more sophisticated, there's a higher burst rate, and there's the benefit of the bright optical viewfinder.

    While you'll need to have Photoshop CS5 to open the D7000's .NEF Raw files, and cost-free solution is to download Adobe's DNG converter - it converters the D7000 Raw files to Adobe's open DNG Raw format which CS4 can read.

    So, the D7000 is the better camera, but with the extra financial outlay, it's hard to recommend swapping systems in many ways. You've got 3 lenses already, and for the subjects you like to shoot, you might not see the performance benefits of the D7000.

    If you're feeling a bit restricted with your current kit though and it's not letting you take the pictures you want, it's worth thinking about upgrading, and the D7000's a great choice.

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    Default Reply to Phil Hall


    Many thanks for your response. I have upgraded to the D7000 and I am very pleased that I have. I am still keeping the Samsung, but the Nikon is a big step forward in all areas.



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